James Monroe to William Crawford, 1821 October 18

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Oak hill Octr 18th. 1821
Dear Sir
I have been very much concernd to hear of your long continued & serious indisposition & that of Mrs Crawford and your children, but was relievd greatly by your last letter which assured me that you were convalescent, all of you, & that your own health particularly was much improvd. Many interesting concerns require my attendance at Washington, & in consequence I have resolvd to go down the day after tomorrow, when I hope to find you & family, rapidly improving, which the increasd cold, in the temperature of the air,—will I think especially favor. Mrs Monroe & I have enjoyd, good health, through the summer, tho' we have not esscapd a very severe affliction in the loss of one of our gd children, & have also been menac'd, with that of the other, tho' we thank heaven, we have heard today from Mr Hay, that she is thought out of danger. as I shall be with you so soon, I should add at present, only, the assurance of my best wishes & sincere regard.
James Monroe