James Monroe to William Crawford, May 3

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Charleston May 3. 1<816?>
Dear Sir
The recommendation in favor of Mr <Allen> for the Collectorship at Havre de Grace, is sufficiently Strong, as likewise is that in favor of Mr Chew. I am inclind to think, that if Mr Allen does not intend to reside in the village, the preference shod. be given to the latter, and indeed it may be proper if he does. I shall approve any arrangment which you may make in the case. It will I presume be proper to appoint Mr Scheubly for the 8th. Md district.
If you are satisfied that Mr Bunbury can perform the duties of commander of the Revennue cutter, being disqualified neither by age nor decrepitude, it wod be well to appoint him. you intimate the expectation of obtaining the requisite information on that point, by which I wish you to be guided.
Very sincerely yours
James Monroe