James Monroe to William Crawford, 1821 August 26

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Shannon dale Augt. 26. 1821
Dear Sir
I concur with you in opinion that the claim of Mr Crowninshield is strongest, & for the reasons which you give, 1st as having been a revolutionary officer, or having renderd revolutionary services, 2d. as none of that family are in public employment, & two of Mr Story's are, the Judge, & Captain, his two brothers, & 3d. as meeting the claim of Salem, for a like attention shewn, in a similar case, to a citizen of Marblehead. It wod have a good effect, if these reasons, could be communicated in an informal friendly manner, to Judge Story, thro' some common friend, if you feel any delicacy in making the communication yourself. As one, with whom we have friendly intercourse, some attention of the kind, seems to be due to him.
I never read Captn. Beltons letters, but sent them to you, as I receivd them. His remark was not worth your notice. The appointmt. was made before we heard from him. His visit is I presume, connected with other objects, having relations in Virga.—
Mr Gouverneurs child is in great danger, & Mrs Monroe's health not good, owing to her care & solicitude on the child's account & the disagreement of the limestone water (for she does not take that of the spring) with her constitution. I have been benefitted, by the use of the water of the spring, as have the other members of my family.
with sincere regard dear sir yours
James Monroe