James Monroe to William Crawford, 1821 August 13

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Oak hill Augt 13. 1821
Dear Sir
In reflecting as I came home yesterday, on the proceedings at St Augustine, in which I allude to the temporary comn. issued by the military commandt. th<ere> it has occurr'd to me as possible, in answering a letter Genl Jackson, & speaking generally of his service in the Floridas, & of the officers appointed in the customs, that I may have glancd at the contingency of a failure in them to arrive in due time, & of his authority as incidental to his office, to remedy the inconvenience, & that he may have given a power, founded on that intimation. I suggest this in great haste for your consideration, for having a moment only, before the departure of the mail—we arrivd in good time yesterday, no otherwise affected than by fatigue. I hope that your children have recoverd their health & that you are all in like state—
With very sincere regard yours
James Monroe