James Monroe to William Crawford, 1817 October 7

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Albemarle Octr 7. 1817
Dear Sir
I have receivd several communications from you lately, to which I will give answers in a few days. I very much lament that I am forcd to subject you to even that delay.
Col: Lane informs me that his funds are exhausted under the appropriations for the public buildings, and that the work will be suspended, unless other aid is afforded him, which he estimates may be obtaind of one of the banks. Will you have the goodness to give the necessary assurance or pledge to the bank, on my part, for the necessary sum, placing the affair on its just ground, that of my responsibility, to bring it before Congress if necessary or to replace it, from the proper fund hereafter, if such is provided. I enclose you Col: Lanes letter to me.
with sincere regard dear Sir yours
James Monroe