James Monroe to William Crawford, undated

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Saturday [1816-1825]
Dear Sir
A call is about to b<e> made for information resp<ect>ing the extra: compensation which has been made, occasionally since the commenc'ment of the government to the Attorney General or to district attorneys, for extra: services renderd by them to the government. I<t> has occurrd to me, that <such?> advances may have been made from your dept., & that the acct. of the contingent fund will shew it. The information is more important as to the Attorney Genls., but it may be useful to furnish i<t> as to the d. Attorneys also. I will thank You to have the inquiry made & to communicate to me the result today if in your power—
J M.
The following cases, are recollected—
Charles Lee in 1794. 5. or. 6. Pennsyla. insuction
Mr Rodney in 1807. Burrs trial Richmond—
Counsel to assist Mr Rush 1st court after his appt.
assistt counsel in Burrs trial in 1807.
Mr Dallas in Hulls case in 1812. 13.